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Award-Winning Storyteller:
Focusing on your Unique Narrative

Our Story

Little Ram Productions Inc. has been a producer of diverse Canadian video content since its inception in 2007.

At the time, it was not so easy; we would produce mainstream content during the day to help fund passion driven diverse projects at night. The goal was to always include underrepresented ethnic Canadians in the mainstream voice through the media and TV programming.


Today, we are able to professionally continue with this passion and also help government, not-for-profit, and corporate agencies with videos that focus on creativity, inclusivity and accessibility. 


Featured Videos

Tsawwassen First Nation carver Karl Morgan

Global Container Terminals

Global Container Terminals, a client of Sedgwick Strategies, required a video capturing the carving process and narrative of a traditional welcome post by Tsawassen carver, Karl Morgan. Little Ram Productions collaborated with Karl, Sedgwick, and GCT, strategically pacing out this 3-month-long project and adapting to the storyline as key moments unfolded.

Resilience BC Anti-Racism video French

Resilience BC

In response to the surge in hate crimes within the community, Resilience BC commissioned 13 community-specific video versions. Collaborating with the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, we meticulously developed a narrative that embraced inclusivity and prioritized thoughtful representation. This project was produced

in multiple languages.

Craft Artisan Wood Floors Video

Craft Artisan Wood Floors

Craft Artisan Wood Floors is a client of Curve Communications and they needed a video that speaks of their truly sustainable product that carried a rich history. We produced 2 videos that reflected their client’s use of the product.

The Process

Creating your impactful video doesn't have to be complicated. With our 15+ years in mainstream TV broadcasting, we’re able to guide you through any communications videos.


This stage begins with a discovery meeting, tailored to your preferences (phone, virtual, or in person). We delve into your video goals, offering insights on visual concepts, identifying ideal story structure based on your key messaging, and suggesting optimal filming locations. We will also establish a work schedule, ensuring an efficient filming day for a swift turnaround. Release forms, if needed, are prepared during this phase.


On production day, we take charge of setup, managing lighting, refining staging, and providing guidance on presentation. Drawing from our extensive experience in TV news and documentaries, we offer expertise on interviews on camera, adjusting speech pace, and highlighting your “good side”. Our commitment to inclusivity is paramount, carefully considering the composition of individuals appearing on camera, factoring in roles and positions. We're also flexible in incorporating spontaneous ideas that enhance the video.

Post Production and Delivery

In editing, we’ll select the best interview clips that echo your key messaging and weave them together with your brand guidelines, logos, and colours. This also includes adding graphics, licensed music, and subtitles as needed.
Within approximately 3 business days (for straightforward videos) or 7 business days (for more complex projects), we deliver a private link for your review. You have two opportunities for revisions, ensuring the video aligns perfectly with your vision. At delivery, we cater to various file formats, from TV broadcast to social media posts.

Kevin K. Li video producer

Kevin K. Li

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Kevin K. Li is a video producer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is the 2021 RTDNA Winner in the Best Audio-Visual Storytelling (Large Market, CBC Vancouver). Kevin has an extensive background in broadcast productions; he has worked for the Olympic News Channel (Vancouver, London, Singapore, Brazil),  CBC Vancouver, CTV, City TV, Omni BC, and Fairchild TV.

Kevin has a passion for Asian North American films and, for five consecutive years, was the Vice President on the Board of Directors at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. He brought in the festival’s largest private donor to start the Richard K. Wong Film Fund, a fund that helps underrepresented Asian Canadian filmmakers to produce films about their community.  Kevin has also dedicated his time in fighting the model minority stereotype in this community through viral content that resulted in coverage on The New Yorker, Dateline Australia, 101 East (Aljazeera), National Post, Global and Mail, and many other news publications around the world.


Kevin is the founder of Mission: Red Pocket, an initiative that makes traditional money envelopes more accessible to the 2nd generation Chinese Canadians.

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