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Little Ram Production may be the most interesting independent video production company you’ve never heard of. Our origins trace back to TV news production in Vancouver, where we documented hockey playoffs, conducted Juno Awards interviews, captured moments from the Queen's visit, filmed the red carpet at the Academy Awards, and covered Olympic Games worldwide. Our success and skills in video production has led to demand from companies and organizations who are seeking corporate videos, TV commercials, and promotional content, establishing Little Ram Productions in 2007.

At the same time, we noticed a lack of BIPOC representation in the media and embarked on a mission to address this gap by creating contemporary Asian Canadian TV programs and online content. The success and media coverage of these programs proved the public desire for content that authentically mirrored the diverse demographic landscape of Canada. Since then, we have helped many organizations with videos on inclusivity, reconciliation, and their diversity mandates - on top of a great video.


Our diverse experiences have honed our approach to production, ensuring a commitment to diversity alongside the delivery of high-quality content. The flagship programs we undertake enforce broadcast standards, with skills, workflow, and professionalism seamlessly transitioning to our corporate videos. Drawing from our background in journalistic, TV, and documentary production, we've cultivated adaptability, proving invaluable in navigating any challenging situations. Our most frequent accolade is the affirmation that "you make us feel comfortable in sharing our story."


We are looking forward to hearing your story and sharing it with the world.

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