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7 Things to Look For in a Video Producer for Your Corporate Video:

Updated: Jan 30


Hiring the right video producer is essential for the creation of a compelling and effective corporate video. Assuming that the video producer is technically proficient, here are 7 things to look for in video producer for your corporate video:

1.  Portfolio and Experience of a Video Producer

There are many different video producers out there just like there’s different styles of videos, such as corporate videos, music videos, films, events, commercials, weddings, profile, testimonials, and everything in between. Review the video producer’s portfolio and see if the tone, pace, and their working style match what you want to achieve in your company’s video. Not every scenario allows for a take-two, and someone with experience in your type of video can make all the difference.

2. Budget and Pricing

Time is money. Freelance video and film professionals charge by the day, or half-day. Grouping all your filming and editing needs into either a half-day or a full day will be the most cost-effective for your budget. Even if your shoot is just one-hour long, you may be billed for the full day. Many video producers are flexible with half-days or simple shoots, but it’s best to check how they’re quoting for all aspects of the video (pre-production, production, and post-production). 

Gear is also money. If you require extra cameras, additional lighting, video stabilizations, drone shots, or even have more than two people talking on camera simultaneously, it may cause the price to change. Some video producers will give you a packaged price, while others will offer an à la carte option (labour + gear options). 

If you’re not familiar with camera and editing gear then the best way is to either set a budget and ask the video producer to work within it or tell them your idea and ask for a quote. Ideally, find a video example similar to the one you aim to create and use it as a starting point to fine-tune your budget.

3. Values Matter

We all shop more ethically and consciously these days, preferring environmentally friendly products, organically grown foods, and socially responsible brands. You may also wish to hire a video producer and videographer who align with your company’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Not only will you see the nuances shine through the final video, but it will also save you a lot of time from having to explain your corporate goals.

Also, many video producers work on passion projects that don’t pay and your business may support a common cause.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability of a Video Producer

Consider the scenario where, on the day of production, the room you booked for filming is no longer available, or a discovery arises that could enhance the video. The ability to adapt to unexpected changes or challenges during the production process is crucial. Choose a video producer who is flexible and can handle unforeseen circumstances with ease—within reason.

5. Filming Time and Turnaround Time

Your CEO, co-workers, and clients all have busy schedules, and even the chosen location may have a limited window for filming. It is important to inquire with your video producer about setup time and transition time. How much time is required to set up the first shot? What is the transition time between different areas? These answers will not only ensure a realistic schedule on the day of filming but also ensure that the time of individuals appearing on-camera is respected.

After the filming is complete, how long does post-production (editing) take? Some video producers can turn over a video as quickly as 24 hours for basic shoots, while others might need several weeks to accommodate advanced post-production and/or their schedule. If you have a deadline, ensure that their turnaround time aligns with your schedule.

6. Communications Skills

Effective communication is crucial for understanding your vision, goals, and expectations. Choose a producer who is responsive, open to feedback, and can clearly articulate their ideas. 

7. Insurance and Legal Considerations

One often overlooked aspect when searching for a video producer is ensuring that they carry sufficient insurance and accreditation for your company. It's important to inquire about commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, equipment insurance, and whether they are WorkSafe accredited.

Another legal consideration is whether the video producer understands and complies with copyright laws and licensing agreements. This is crucial when using any third-party content, music, or other materials in your video.  


Selecting the right video producer should feel like someone that compliments your marketing and communications team and aligns with your organization. You don’t have to understand all the camera brands, peripherals, and lingo but you have to trust that this video producer can deliver what you need, when you need it and within budget.

Having an example video definitely helps with getting a very proper quote. It also helps with setting expectations to your finished video.

By thoroughly considering these factors, you can increase the likelihood of hiring a video producer who can effectively bring your corporate video vision to life.


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